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Suha's Rants: Palestine/Israel

Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at 3:25 PDT

*When Israelis hit the streets demanding their radical leaders to stop building illegal settlements and cease the genocide against Palestinians, then the world will believe that Israeli leaders want peace in that part of the ME. Until then, Palestinians have every right under International law to resist zionist occupation.

*When International Corporate Main Media Outlets begin to cover the reality of what's happening in Occupied Palestine, then Real Peace might get a decent chance. The US mainstream media is a disgrace and a racist media for manipulating the truth to serve the Zionist BullSh*t narrative.

* Why are we contributing to the murder of innocent Palestinians daily? Our foreign policy in the Middle East is outrageous & outdated. Our racist bias toward Zionism has been proven futile. We need to be fair key players.

The USA must stop using taxpayers' money to fund Zionists' war crimes against humanity in Occupied territories.

*We need to stop empowering zionist extremists and giving them free rides at the expense of threatening peace in the ME. They need to be held accountable, and until then, escalation might very well get out of hand and drastic repercussions might very well and very easily spiral out of control.

US-manufactured Apachie helicopter seen bombing Jenin Refugee camp in Occupied territories /Middle East


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