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World, Can You Keep Up With Me?

My name is Suha Amer, I am a single mom of two gorgeous girls whom I love beyond words.

I am a Lebanese/American Druze, a journalist who covered since my graduation in 1992, events in the Middle East, for the Associated Press and the United Nations news desks, in both Arabic and English.

I also wrote articles, analysis, and editorials to various Lebanese prominent news outlets.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a certificate as a paralegal.

I am currently in the process of writing my first book “From Beirut to LA with Love”!

I have realized at a very early age (8 y) that life is, unfortunately, not all honey and roses journey. I am a survivor of many wars launched in and at my home country Lebanon. From my young age, I was very curious about the “who, how and WHY”.

Always asking my parents, my teachers and all those around me, why do we have war? Who is fighting who and what for?

Why must a kid of my age have to be subject to war horrors of all unimaginable kinds?

Why did I have to spend my teenage years moving from one shelter to another, to dodge a bomb, a sniper’s bullet or worse: Rape?

Why did I have to witness people die or get maimed? 

Why did I have to lose close friends to a car bomb? Why, why, why….

No one seems to give me a convincing enough answer, at that time, NO ONE!

That’s why I felt this consuming need to fulfill this curiosity deep within me, to seek and find the truth.

To research and analyze events, incidents around me maybe then I would be able to silence those voices who deprived me of sleep, who cultivated the nightmares and the fears of the unknown...

I found that journalism is the only path that might help quench my thirst for the truth!

What I failed to ask myself at that time was a very essential question:

Am I ready to accept the truth?

To be honest, a major part of me is still having the battle to ACCEPT the truth.

I have come to the conclusion that there is NO ULTIMATE TRUTH out there, but there are two kinds of truths:

Firstly, humans are beasts, perhaps the most dangerous of all creatures! We are driven mainly by our instincts, our greed, our ego. And that’s the ugly truth!

I have realized finally that the decision of war and peace is in the hands of a few manipulative bunches of a**holes, who think it is a fun game to play with thousands, millions of peoples’ destiny for their own personal interests.

They use religion, race, culture, and economy to manipulate people and launch wars, never caring about the damage they cause and leave behind! I was one of those survivors, “the lucky ones…” but then again, am I?

I was lucky to have parents who cared enough to provide an education to me and my siblings.

They cared enough to teach us values of respect, empathy, and love.

I don’t regret anything and I sure as hell appreciate all that my parents taught me, and now I’m working hard to pass those teachings to my two girls!

And this is the second truth:

It is still good out there!

There are still good people who don’t spread hatred and vindictiveness.

People like me, who believe that peace is possible and true love conquers all!

Hope is the key! Believe in yourself, in your dreams and persist! 


The problem with society nowadays is that people give up easily, and often before they even try. That’s why and after a great deal of thinking, I have decided to launch my blog!

Also, I have to keep my promise to my dearest and first love in my life, my mom; to whom I promised on her death bed, that one day, no matter what, I will go back being a journalist!

And today, launching my blog, I can tell mama that I kept my promise!


I want to write my truth, write about my horrific war experience and my triumphs.

I want to write articles as a journalist of more than 25 years, on domestic and international politics, economics, social concerns, food, and fashion.


My blog is going to be a colorful one. Full of exciting adventures! Anyone is welcome to follow, subscribe and interact with me, but within the RESPECTFUL spectrum, because otherwise, BLOCK will be my response.

We can disagree respectfully 😊

God Bless!

With love, Suha Amer

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